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Local Microwave Repair near Springfield, MO

We’re Experts at Microwave Repair. We will fix your microwave issues right the first time with no problem. Call us today for asap microwave repair near you.

Need help with these common Microwave issues?

  • Microwave is not heating
  • Microwave stops in the middle of cooking
  • Plate is not spinning
  • Sparking Microwave
  • No light inside
  • Microwave not working or responding at all

We are the experts of microwave oven repair and more. Simply give us a call at (417) 660-3088 and we would be happy to assist you! Having cold food is no fun, and when you depend on your microwave to keep you family fed it can become a problem real quick.

Don’t waste hundreds of dollars buying a new microwave, call us and let Springfield Appliance Repair fix your microwave issues. We will save you time and money!

Microwave repair near me

Affordable Microwave Oven Repair That’s affordable!

When your microwave breaks down, that can really put you behind schedule. When you’re busy cold food is not an option, and buying out can get expensive. Getting your microwave repaired though, can be expensive and time consuming however. We provide the most inexpensive microwave repair in the city with the most experienced appliance repair technicians! We promise to get the job done right the first time, and we will do it without charging an arm and a leg!

We are the most affordable, fastest, most experienced appliance repair shop in Springfield. Our microwave repair technicians are highly skilled and have decades of experience repairing everything from small appliances to large appliances.

We’re the go-to appliance repair experts in Springfield


, area

When the microwave goes down, there is no time to wait around for days. We repair microwaves near Springfield.

We have a same-day repair service and will try our best to give you

If your microwave is broken, we will try to have it repaired ASAP. We promise to quickly diagnose the issue and give you the most reasonable solution. All repairs are guaranteed with our special appliance repair warranty!

Microwave oven repair that makes sense!

Repairing your microwave will not only save you lots of money, but it can also save you tons of time. Don’t wait to have your microwave fixed. We specialize in getting you your appliances repaired asap so you can avoid a costly, time-consuming experience

We offer same-day service in many cases and we’ll come to your home or business for a free estimate. We also provide customers with a 12-month warranty on parts and labor with every repair.

ASAP Microwave Repair in Springfield, MO

Don’t wait to get your microwave fixed or worse spend hundreds of dollars on replacing your microwave when you can get it fixed for a fraction of the price. Your microwave repair will be handled in a timely manner so you can use your appliance again!

If you have a microwave that is need fixing we’ll fix it fast so you don’t have to worry about anything

We’ll come to your house or office and fix your microwave while you work. Skip the annoyance of microwaves that are broken, and get back to cooking food in just a few hours.

Call us for same-day service, and we’ll fix the problem!

We Repair All Microwave Brands

Our technicians specialize in microwave repair service, so whatever microwave oven comes our way we can fix it. Whether you have a LG microwave, GE microwave, whirlpool microwave, Panasonic microwave, or anything else we can fix any and every issues.

Our team is dedicated to fixing the problem, so we will take our time to examine the issue and we will give you the best solution to repair or replace your microwave.

Microwave Repair Service Experts

We promise you that you will have the best experience with Springfield Appliance Repair. Whatever appliance or microwave you may have in your home we assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised when the job takes less time and money than you expected.

Microwave oven repair is our specialty, and when something does wrong we’ve got you covered! Our expert technicians can repair and replace any issue that you are facing! Call us up and we would be happy to discuss you problem and set up a time to meet you and take a look at whatever needs fixing.

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